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Jillian & Michael from The London and New York Meditation Centre

Jillian and Michael share the story of leaving their corporate lives behind and becoming vedic meditation teachers and the incredible impact this has had on their own lives and on the people they teach around the world. And the strength and support they experience in building the business together.

Slisha Kankariya & Anubh Shah from With Clarity

The story of how Slisha and Anubh met, fell in love, married and more of their inspiring story of disrupting the engagement ring business together. And just how they successfully integrate it all.

Jan & Morgane from Guud

A brave and courageous story of Jan and Morgane who embarked on their voyage of discovery after selling everything that resulted in the creation of their health coaching business where they help people live their best lives. And more about how and where they met - a wonderful story.

SE E2: Sara & John from Finlay James and Talentskowt

Listen to Sara and John tell their story of Sara joining John in the business 10 years in and their Couplepreneur journey since then. Truly inspiring with so many learnings to take away.

S2 E1: Amber & Christian from The Service Course

The story of professional cyclist Christian Meier and his wife Amber, who leave their home in Canada choosing to settle in Girona in Spain and involves a seminal moment in 2014 on a Spanish beach that would begin their Couplepreneur journey together and so much exciting and recent growth.

Between The Spreadsheets - Season 2 coming soon

We bring you more incredible stories of Couplepreneurs around the globe who share who they live together and run a business together.