Laura & Karol from Sxollie

Hear how Karol Ostaszewski and Laura Clacey are building Sxollie, a craft apple cider brand and changing mindsets to make cider sexy.
Episode 4 tells the journey of Karol Ostaszewski and Laura Clacey who are building Sxollie, a craft apple cider brand where they want to change mindsets to make cider sexy. Whilst they are now planning a fundraise, back in the early days they questioned their decision many times when one huge challenge really started to impact their ability to move the business forward. But they tell us how backing themselves enabled them to push through and continue. Leaving corporate jobs and very long days hasn’t meant that the working days have been shorter but they are definitely bolder, bigger and much more fun. Never able to really get away and have a complete holiday so far, they do however talk abut how they achieve the balance in being able to work together particularly through intense periods. Laura and Karol also share with us how they took stress to a whole other level when they moved continents, incorporated the business, got married, fell pregnant and bought a house in the same year, all within a few weeks. 

This is a very exciting time for this driven Couplepreneur who have a novel and interesting story of how they started the business together with the mind mapping exercise that played a big part in this. Recently selected by Sainsbury’s as on of their Top 100 Future Brands, Laura and Karol are ready, willing and able to scale. This is a Couplepreneur to watch indeed.