Jan & Morgane from Guud

A brave and courageous story of Jan and Morgane who embarked on their voyage of discovery after selling everything that resulted in the creation of their health coaching business where they help people live their best lives. And more about how and where they met - a wonderful story.
In this Episode we meet Jan Deruyck and Morgane Leten who started out on their Couplepreneur journey just last year in 2019 and are building Guut - https://guut.co – their new and very exciting health coaching business where they help people live their best lives. Jan, Morgane and I recorded this session in January and little did we know that within 2 months the world would look so different and our lives so very different. But so much of what they cover I think will resonate as they share so much and this is so real, raw and full of such emotion. I think and hope it will touch many of us deeply. I laugh lots in this interview too as Jan and Morgane share more on how they met one night following which they didn't think it likely that would happen again. 

The journey they went on to get to building a business together is in itself brave and courageous and already busts open so many of the myths around being a Couplepreneur. But also just managing life and adapting to so much - again what we are all experiencing in these days, weeks and months ahead. And as they tell us, even in the time since they've set up the business some things have changed and developed as they've listened to clients and their needs and have been able to adapt. 

Whilst they had ideas on the side they never really thought about doing something together. But the day their son was born changed everything and their journey unfolds from here and leaving the 'golden cage' and its safety, selling up and embarking on an adventure of exploration that would take them and their 10 month old son across Mexico, Costa Rica and the US. And the discovery that resulted in the creation of their coaching business. 

Jan and Morgane tell us how important structure and habits are, their sources of inspiration, what they are learning about one another in working together and how having a network of advisors early on has been key for them. They also share more on how you see a different side when working with one another that you haven't necessarily seen before and this has involved seeing some insecurities and some vulnerability that you aren't use to seeing. 

They tell us how being direct is a blessing as is being able to take fast decisions but how adding in filters has been important for them too as their working relationship has developed. 

Their sources of inspiration include hearing more about the impact Brene Brown has had on Morgane - https://brenebrown.com
Jan shares more on David Apstein and his book Range - https://davidepstein.com/the-range/ and we hear more about the impact that Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow had on him - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjVQJdIrDJ0 together with other podcasts that provide inspiration and learnings. Lots to take out here.

As we live through unprecedented times so much of this I hope will resonate with you. And I hope you enjoy their honest, real, heartfelt and inspiring story.

You can find out more about the business at https://guut.co
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